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PRISMS - Making Mindfulness

Dec. 2022 - Group exhibition at the Julio Fine Art’s Gallery. 

Hamster Wheel, Digital Media & Arduino 

    When we measure success, it is based on productivity rather than enjoyment. Time spent wisely is considered to be time spent working, and working quickly. This mentality makes us desensitized to the simple pleasures that allow ourselves to feel a sense of peace and contentedness. Using mixed mediums of digital art and paintings, I created designs that allow myself to enter a slow pace and state of mind to emphasize the importance of enjoying the mundane.
    When we are doing something we deeply enjoy, we get “lost in it”, forgetting our sense of time. Philosophies like Buddhism consider this sensation a form of meditation. When I paint abstract forms, I experience that similar sense of euphoria. I hope to dispute the Capitalist mentality that states our time must always be spent “wisely” by demonstrating time spent getting lost in a moment.
    In a digital age where technology is competing for your attention span, I asked the viewer to do nothing besides stare into my work. In this exhibit, I encouraged my audience to challenge their preconceived notions of “doing nothing” and contemplate why they are negative.

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