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31st Annual Caldwell Street Fair  

October 2023
Flyers, social media graphics, and digital map to promote a staple event of my childhood & hometown, the Caldwell Street Fair. Bright, fun colors for an eye catching and moderately playful appeal, while encorporating the pre-existing brand identity and Caldwell’s royal blue school colors.

Digital Map of Street Fair

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USA Twisterz Gymnastics Studio

December 2022 - Current
︎@usatwisterz     ︎usatwisterz.com
Newsletters, social media graphics, and website mangement. Athletic and dynamic typefaces accompanied by variations of a thematic red, white, and blue color palette.

T-Shirt Designs for Merch Shop:

Newsletter Samples:

Center for Community, Service, & Justice (CCSJ)
A collection of projects for both the center and a variety of their community partners. 

York Road Initiative (YRI)

Promotional materials for community service along the York Road Corridor, the nieghborhood adjacent to the Loyola Maryland Evergreen Campus. Hints of art deco frames & typefaces to honor the historic qualities and aesthetic of the York Road Strip’s small businesses and community spaces.
I <3 York Rd logo as a rendition on the iconic “I<3 NY” logo - made into buttons & stickers to promote positivity and appreciation for a neighborhood very dear to our hearts. Read more about YRI here.

Intern Recruitment Campaign

Print flyers & social media graphics to recruit upcoming intern team. Rich, solid green to fit the CCSJ brand of a calm, inclusive environment with a “go” mentality. Light green letters to contrast and grab your attention. Simple san serif for easy reading and accessible marketing. Photos of current interns to promote diversity. 

The Forever-Green Thrift Store

Branding, logo design, flyers, and collaborative social media graphics for a semi-annual environmental justice fundraising event. Forest green & earthy colors to complement the theme of sustainability, recycling, and shopping second-hand. Evergreen forest logo with 70s themes to add a vintage feel and capture the trendy fun of thrifting. 

Other works for CCSJ:

Racial Justice & Disability Justice Infographic

Loyola College Democrats

Branding, logo design, and social media management. 

Miscellaneous Commissions:

For Fun 

Personal design projects.